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Only several years ago, no one knew anything about drones. Now, the market for consumer drones is growing at an enormous speed as they are more and more people who decide to try this unusual hobby. Their sales have already exceeded a 1-billion threshold, and their number is about to double by the next year. Have you also decided to join the drone craze? In this case, we are here for your services. Welcome to our new online store – at you will find everything a true fan of drones may wish to soar to the sky.

Our categories includes but are not limited to mini drones (under $100 and over $100), racing drones (under $250 and over $250), camera drones (under $500 and over $500), UAV drones (45+ minutes fly time), other RC toys, drone accessories (bags, batteries, charging units, FPV goggles, landing gear, lights, optics, repair parts, video storage.

If you are still not into the drone craze, here are some reasons you may wish to join it as soon as possible:

  • Drones give you unexpected photographic perspectives. Even if you see your house or office every day, you hardly imagine what it looks like from above. This is one of the biggest appeals of drones as they give us a unique change to look at ordinary things from an entirely new perspective. Besides, you can make great shots.
  • They make it possible for you to record video. Although it may seem that the quality of video leaves much to be desired, in fact, drones offer incomparable smoothness when you take videos.
  • It is a lot of fun. In fact, the major reason to try this hobby is just having fun. You can zoom around the skies like a bird, which is a truly exhilarating experience that will please both young and old.
  • You will be able to make money with your drone. It is a rare case when your hobby can bring you money as you can sell your photos and video to advertising companies interested in the product.



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